University of Tsukuba, Malaysia

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The fundamental character of University of Tsukuba is that of an open university with interdisciplinary and international characteristics. As a research-oriented comprehensive university covering an incomparably wide range of academic disciplines, our university has pioneered new advances in interdisciplinary education and research while simultaneously deepening expertise in each specialized area. Our mission is to promote collaboration among industry, government, and academia, and to link the results of such collaboration to social transformation. ​


​University of Tsukuba, Malaysia continues our university’s philosophy and extends it to envision an even more open future. We are dedicated to cultivating global human resources in Malaysia, a country of multi-ethnic harmony. Our students will create knowledge that will resolve the various global issues facing society and create a future global society. The solutions that we devise together will incorporate a strong sense of responsibility for the state of society based on respect and consideration for each other. ​