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K.X from Penang, Malaysia

Exchange students program from April 2023- August 2023

What did you study at the University of Tsukuba?
At Tsukuba University I had the opportunity to study multiple subjects such as politics, economics, IT, and sociology. In my third and fourth years, I focused on media politics and wrote my graduation thesis regarding race relations and media in Malaysia. I also had the opportunity to learn sports like Kendo and Judo.

What do you recommend about the University of Tsukuba, Malaysia?
Tsukuba University has some of the best teaching staff in Japan and has consistently shown great achievements in academia. But I think the best thing about the university is the international and welcoming environment it provides. I was able to learn with teachers and students from all over the world, which helped broaden my perspectives on many topics. I believe that the new branch in Malaysia will be able to provide the same environment and quality to students moving forward.