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W.J from Kedah, Malaysia

Exchange student under School of Life and Environment Sciences, Colleges of Agro-Biological Resources Sciences, Oct 2022 - Feb 2023

What did you study at the University of Tsukuba?
 I completed the Fundamental Science and Japanese course, including Chemistry, Mechanics, Trans-ASEAN Global Agenda Debate, Global Internship, and Engineering Ethics abroad. Besides, I was also able to enhance my language proficiency through daily interactions and coursework in Japanese and English. Furthermore, I was able to establish valuable international connections through networking events and collaboration with fellow students. 

What do you recommend about the University of Tsukuba, Malaysia?
The freedom and diversity of courses that are able to register in University of Tsukuba. It also deepened my understanding of Japanese culture and values during in University of Tsukuba. A lot of activities and sport clubs such as Sohosai and Tsukuba-Live make life in UT more interesting.