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K.L from Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Exchange student under School of Life and Environment Sciences, Colleges of Agro-Biological Resources Sciences, October 2022 - February 2023

What did you study at the University of Tsukuba?
At the University of Tsukuba, the majority of the subjects I study are related to economics. These include comparative economics, contemporary issues in developing countries, the history of economic thought, and monetary economics. Additionally, I take part in other courses such as Trans-ASEAN Global Agenda Debate, Global Internship, and Japanese Culture. These subjects have been incredibly interesting as they have helped me enhance my knowledge not only of the global economy but also provided insights into Japan's economy. Moreover, I have had a great experience exchanging thoughts with both Japanese and international students.


What do you recommend about the University of Tsukuba, Malaysia?
I highly recommend the environment at the University of Tsukuba. It offers a completely new experience compared to studying at my home university. The campus is expansive and filled with various facilities that are sure to amaze you. The atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing, providing an ideal environment for learning. Besides, the university boasts a diverse range of clubs such as Kyudo and Kendo, which offer opportunities to immerse yourself in Japanese culture. Additionally, the university hosts numerous interesting events such as the University Festival (Sohosai) and Imagine the 海外 (KIGAI; abroad). If you're someone who loves to explore and experience new things, this is a great opportunity for you to enrich yourself and broaden your worldview.