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UTMY students’ Assumes graduation thesis and Career images

1.Assumed Graduation Thesis 

Understanding the water cycle and water environment in urban Kuala Lumpur and application of water hazard prevention and water treatment technologies 

Career Images

Engaging in graduate studies in Japan, work for an environmental consulting firm and a biotechnology company 


2.Assumed Graduation Thesis 

Representation of Women and Gender in Contemporary Japan 

Career Images

Engaging in graduate studies in humanities and social sciences or international relations in Japan, and work for a Japanese company in Malaysia 


3.Assumed Graduation Thesis 

Make: Data-driven Intelligent Interaction Technologies 

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Engaging in graduate studies in engineering, working for IT-related firms, manufacturing companies, and technology ventures 


4.Assumed Graduation Thesis 

Policy analysis and communication in the public sector 

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Effectively leverage your unique skills and know-how in multicultural teams within international service and product companies 


5.Assumed Graduation Thesis 

Research on the pollution and cleanup project of the Klang River and visualization for the public 

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Work for a local government and become a specialist in environmental issues, utilizing data visualization skills to facilitate communication for local people 


6.Assumed Graduation Thesis 

Utilization of Data Science in Product Localization for Japanese Companies in a Multi-Ethnic Society 

Career Images

Work for marketing or product development department at a Japanese company in Malaysia as a specialist in data science and diversity 


7.Assumed Graduation Thesis 

Tourism Development in Borneo and Its Environmental Impact: Case Study of the Orang Utan Sanctuary 

Career Images

Work in media as a research journalist capable of reporting on environmental issues from multiple perspectives in relation to the economic disparity in the society 

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