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Webinar archive on April 23


The University of Tsukuba, Malaysia hosted a webinar to briefly introduce our programme,
and explain its school entrance examination procedures on 23 April 2024.

The speakers were four faculty members who will be assigned in September at the UTMy.

The recording can be viewed here.

Here are some of the questions we received.

Q. What is the marketability of its graduates?

A. We have interviewed many companies in the industry about our program.

Many companies told us that they want to employ graduates from our school.


Please visit our web site for expected career paths after graduation


Q. Regarding the entry requirements, will all qualifications equivalent to Level 4 MQF be accepted?

A. It depends on the applicants’ educational background.

The important thing is that you must complete 12 years of school education before entering UTMY.

The basic requirement (qualification) is the same as the universities in Malaysia.

We require potential candidates.


Q. May I know what type of postgraduate program your students can continue

when they complete the degree course?

A. We expect that many of our graduates will be enrolled in graduate school of for example,

data sciences, medical science, environmental science, humanity and social science,

sports science, education, and so on.


Q. Is this transdisciplinary degree also offered in University of Tsukuba, Japan?

Is there any plan to provide students with the opportunity to join some short courses or

exchange program at the Japan campus?

A. There is a similar course offered in Tsukuba campus (not 100% equal),

Bachelor’s Program in Global Issues. They confer the same degree “Bachelor of Arts and Science”.

UTMY students may have the chance to conduct part of their graduate research

in our Tsukuba campus.