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FAQ for Admission

I have taken English for University for my Pre-U. Is an IELTS score compulsory ?
An English test waiver might be considered on a case-by-case basis. Details will be announced in the application guidelines.
I would like to know about the entrance examination.
Two types of entrance examinations, a “School Recommendation Scheme”  and an “Aptitude-based Scheme”, are available for those who meet the prescribed requirements and wish to enrol at the University of Tsukuba, Malaysia. The "School Recommendation Scheme" consists of document screening and individual interview.The "Aptitude-based Scheme" is conducted through a two-stage screening system. Only those who have successfully passed the first stage screening (document screening) will be invited to proceed to the second stage (group interview). For details, please carefully read the application guidelines.   
I am currently studying in a Diploma programme. Is it possible to transfer into Year 2 or 3?
There is currently no plan to accept any transfer students within and from outside of the University. A Diploma holder also needs to study the complete 4-year curriculum.
I am a Japanese citizen. Is it possible to enter the University of Tsukuba, Malaysia?
Regardless of nationality, anyone who meets the eligibility criteria and passes the entrance examination can enter UTMY. As with other universities in Malaysia, Japanese nationals are considered "International students" and are required to obtain a student pass to study in Malaysia.
I am a Japanese high school student based in Japan. Is it possible to apply for this programme?
Regardless of place of residence, all students meeting the eligibility criteria can apply.
Is the University of Tsukuba, Malaysia planning to accept any international students?
This programme is mainly designed for Malaysian students, but we may accept international students.
I have completed my A-levels. Can I apply?
You must have completed (or are expected to complete) 12 years of formal education and hold A-levels, in order to apply. Please note that there will be specific academic requirements for application, make sure you check the details in the application guidelines.
What are the requirements to enter the university?
At least 12 years of formal education is compulsory for all applicants.
This means applicants must have either A-levels, STPM, IB, Diploma, Foundation or an equivalent qualification. Details (e.g. English proficiency, GPA etc.) will be published in the application guidelines.
I would like to know about the eligibility criteria.
Applicants must have completed (or are expected to complete) 12 years of formal education. Those who have graduated (or are expected to graduate) from an international school or a Chinese independent high school may need to undergo eligibility screening before they can submit their application. If you are uncertain about your eligibility, please consult the admissions section during the period specified in the application guidelines.