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FAQ for Curriculum

Is there any chance to visit the Tsukuba campus during my 4-year study?
We may offer opportunities to visit the Tsukuba campus in Japan to as part of Graduation Research. Priority will be given to high-performing students.
Is the Japanese language compulsory?
Japanese language is not a requirement for application. If applicants have any Japanese language skills,  they are encouraged to submit any evidence of this. After enrolment, the curriculum contains compulsory Japanese language and culture courses.   
Would it be possible to enrol for the coming intake in Japan and after 2 years come back to the Malaysia campus for the remaining years?
Anyone who wishes to study at the University of Tsukuba, Malaysia must study the 4-year curriculum. At the parent campus in Japan, an "internal transfer" is possible, and students can change their affiliated programme upon approval. At the Malaysia branch campus, this system might be implemented in the future. However, there is currently no plan to accept any transfer students within and from outside of the University of Tsukuba.  
I would like to know the subject offer for the University of Tsukuba, Malaysia.
We offer a variety of subjects including Seminars on Problem-based Learning, Data Science, Natural Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Japanese Cultures, and Japanese language.   
What kind of programme does the University of Tsukuba, Malaysia offer? Is this programme the same as others offered in the parent campus in Japan?
We offer a 4-year undergraduate transdisciplinary programme that focuses on a broad range of academic disciplines. Students can acquire an overall literacy of global issues, and learn how to solve them. This programme is unique to the University of Tsukuba, Malaysia and is not offered at the University of Tsukuba in Japan. 
What can I study in this programme?
You will acquire an overall literacy of global issues, and learn how to solve these considering various perspectives including data science, natural sciences, humanities and social sciences, Japanese and its cultures, as well as develop the skills necessary to pursue a specialisation of interest.   
Is the degree conferred a Malaysian degree or Japanese degree?
A degree will be conferred on students  who have graduated  from University of Tsukuba, Malaysia by the University of Tsukuba, the same degree as conferred in Japan.    
Is there any graduate programme offered?
Graduate schools may be considered in the future, however, there is currently no plan to offer a graduate programme.